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This anthology is a home for the ideas that were pushed away over worries that readers wouldn’t ‘get it’. The concepts that were discarded because it was difficult to figure out how it could be achieved.

You are invited you to try, play, test and discover.

We’re looking for ‘slice of life’ stories told in experimental and innovative ways, this includes comics, narrative illustrations and infographics. We aren’t interested in zombies, vampires, aliens or superheroes, there are plenty of comics that have those bases covered.
We want stories that communicate. They can be funny, serious, moving, thought provoking. You can do whatever you want, as long as it isn’t offensive or inappropriate.

HOW the story is told is as important as WHAT it’s about.

Writers & Artists

If you are a writer seeking an artist, or an artist seeking a script, we will do our best to build creative partnerships. Writers should pitch initial ideas for script development. Artists should supply links to existing sequential samples.

Design Specifications

Stories should be between 1 and 4 pages in length and fit within a 260mm x 170mm page. Templates can be downloaded below as jpeg, .psd & .eps. Files should be full size, high resolution (300dpi) and CMYK.
Download Page Templates

Ideas & Restrictions

Sometimes restrictions breed creativity. Working around a problem can make you work in new ways that would not have previously come to mind.

Single Colour

Black and white comics are unforgiving. Simplicity can be stark and powerful. Have you ever created a comic without using black?
No dialogue? No SFX? A narrative told through imagery alone, or perhaps using SFX exclusively?
These can be described as ‘visual poetry’ but by the very nature of the descriptor ‘abstract’ this branch of comic creation is whatever the creator decides it should be.
Panel Format
Can you make a comic that can be read forward, backwards, upside-down or at random?
Stories that can be told and understood regardless of language.
Breaking the Rules
There are things that can only be done within the comic narrative. This should be celebrated. It might be nice to break it too. Can you make the person on the left speak last, but in a good way?

These are jumping off points of course. The only limits are those that you place on yourself. If you have an idea that’s too weird to work, get in touch, we want to see if it’s possible too.


We are open to re-publishing existing work that fits our brief, though we would ask that any recycled material should have been out of circulation for a reasonable amount of time. Get in touch to discuss.

Contributors Facebook Group

If your pitch is accepted you will be invited to the closed Facebook group for creators to discuss, critique and post updates of works in progress prior to publication. This is a great opportunity to interact with fellow creators and share ideas and experiences. It is also hoped that we can build creative partnerships for approved scripts within the group too.