Jenny Brown (Artist)

Jenny was born in Dorset & still hides there somewhere along the coast, with himself, the child & the dog. Drawing has always been a huge part of her life, though having to re-take her art GCSE whilst in 6th form meant that further education in the arts didn’t happen. There was that brief hiatus from drawing (actually it was 18 years but who’s counting?) but she rediscovered her love for drawing about 6 years ago, relearning everything that had been forgotten, refining skills & techniques along the way.

Working traditionally with pencil & paper, Jenny has had the pleasure of working with Tony Esmond on a comic despite her being, for the most part, a portrait artist. She hovers around the edges of the comics world, having also done a pin-up or two & when she eventually grows up, she’d love to continue with cover/pin-up work.

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Twitter: @JenRhyssa28

Sliced Credits

Sexy Omega Man – Vol #1

StereoRodeo – Issue #7