Kyle Houston (Writer)

Born in 1999. started writing in late 2015. Has had a serious comic addiction since 2008 and now can’t get the 90s X-men cartoon intro song out of his head.

Kyle was thought to have Dyslexia when he was in primary school; He never did quite engage well with class or academia in general. Then something rather odd occurred, he engaged with his classes or rather the lessons. He had developed an interest in the world, in reading, and particularly in science. He had found comics and started to obsess over them and their content. And now he owes a medium more than he can ever give for saving him and giving him an interest in the world.

Likes: Gorillaz, talking to other creators, sugar an unhealthy amount of sugar, comics.
Cons: Awkward social skills, easily excited, reads way too many comics.

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Psychedelic Entropy – Issue #6