Tara Lucy (Creator)

Tara Lucy is a Norwich based artist, working mainly in ink she creates drawings and short comics which capture moments in life. Drawing being the anchor of Tara Lucy’s practice, she makes observations of the everyday and translates such into artworks. Very much interested in the integration of art and life, she looks to meet creatively with all aspects of living where making a cup of tea or walking along a street can hold an artistic reading. Inspirations stemming from urban environments to elements of nature, she combines all to create artworks which are an insight into the world from the perspective of the artist. In approaching her ideas with a dry and sometimes satirical sense of humour her artwork presents a playful and honest, while imaginative take on life experiences.

Studying for a Masters in Arts Practice, Tara Lucy is forever experimenting with ideas and methods to present her observations and channeling concepts through the process of creating.

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Sliced Credits

Self-Checked Out – Issue #4

StereoRodeo – Issue #7

A Short Comic – Issue #7

Farquhar Pt1 – Issue #7

Farquhar Pt2 – Issue #8